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Choose the right barrel size of hair curling Iron

Posted on 26 October 2016

Choosing the right barrel size of hair curling iron

Depending on the diameter of the curling hair can be large or small curls:

  • 50 and 45 mm. Make curls such TOOLS almost unreal, but it can round off the ends of her hair, or make a big wave - it creates the effect of dried hair brushing. Ideal for women with long hair and a square, well it underlines the cascade haircut. But it is not suitable for short haircuts.
  • 38 mm. Used to create large waves curls.
  • 32 mm. Creates medium curls.
  • 25 mm. It makes soft waves in a retro style (a la Veronica Lake hairstyle).
  • 19 mm. Grasping this diameter is also good for creating retro images.
  • 16 mm. It allows you to create a relatively small curls that resemble natural.
  • 10 mm. Thinnest curling iron, which helps to cope with unruly and curly hair from nature.

choose the barrel size of hair curling iron

The professional curling differs from household

  • It requires less time to heat.
  • It features the work surface material (anodized, tourmaline, silver and so on).
  • There are up to 30 temperature regimes.
  • Required provides automatic shutdown mode (up to 72 minutes of continuous operation).
  • It has a temperature controller.
  • Wire length of 2 meters.

 The length of hair and curling iron

Model of a small diameter are used for short haircuts and hairstyles to the shoulders as to wrap long curls they simply do not have enough length of the rod.
Long hair should be screwed onto the curling of this size, which would be slightly less than the desired curls. Better use of helical and bevel model.
If you have thick hair, it is better to use a larger diameter curling. For brittle hair weak more suitable rather narrow forceps.

The length of hair and curling iron size

Rules for working with curling iron

  • Do not curl wet hair.
  • Do not leave the appliance switched on unattended.
  • Do not use pliers on a daily basis.
  • No need to straighten wavy hair before winding.

Care of the tool

If tongs remain little styling or thermal, spots may appear on them. Therefore, after installation it is recommended to wipe off from the wall outlet, but not yet fully cooled unit with a damp towel or cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

In a pinch, you can use crayons for irons, which remove heavy dirt.

Choosing the right barrel size of hair curling iron

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