Rotating hair curling iron – Elstile ™ professional
  • Elstile ™ Magic Rotating Hair Curling Iron
  • Elstile ™ Magic Rotating Hair Curling Iron
  • Elstile ™ Magic Rotating Hair Curling Iron
  • Elstile ™ Magic Rotating Hair Curling Iron
  • Curling Iron
  • Elstile Curling Irons Source
  • Elstile ™ Magic Rotating Hair Curling Iron
  • Elstile Curling Irons
  • Elstile ™ Magic Rotating Hair Curling Iron
  • Elstile ™ Magic Rotating Hair Curling Iron
  • Elstile ™ Magic Rotating Hair Curling Iron

Elstile ™ Magic Rotating Hair Curling Iron

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  • Our very own Rotating hair curling wand (iron) creates long-lasting glamorous curls in minutes on all hair types and lengths!
  • Heats up within 3-7 seconds!
  • 2.5 m salon power cord!
  • Very easy for use with its special rotating curling system!
  • Very long working surface that allows to curl even long hair in minutes

You can find more video with our Elstile iron on our instagram @elstile


All professional stylists @elstile use Rotating hair curling wand for celebrities and VIP clients and it is avaliable for you!

  • Material: titanium
  • Heater Type: MCH
  • Temperature range: 302F-446F
  • Temperature Display: LCD
  • Rate voltage: AC 110V-240V
  • Power cord: 360 degree tangle free swivel with 2.5m salon length power cord
  • Power: 45W
  • Barrel with extra-long cool tip and heavy duty, long-life heating element
  • Ideal for all hair types


  • Length of working surface 6.5" / 17 cm
  • Length of iron 16" / 40 cm
  • Length of cord 8 feet / 2.5 m
  • Height 1.5 " / 4 cm

As it is professional tool we leave the right to change some features, colors, model options to provide the best quality of our products

Curling Iron of a new generation - FULL REVIEW

We would like to introduce you our great invention – Elstile Magic Hair curling iron and a person that create the main idea and participate in its production Olga Makarevich – founder, owner and lead stylist in Elstile salons in Russia and CA, US. 

Curling iron was designed considering all features of curling process and it gives you a great result with less time and effort needed. 

This curling iron rotates around himself and smooth and curl hair at the same time. It’s very easy to use, you just need clamp and wrap hair. As soon as you get used to it, it will take 3-5 sec for curl to be ready. If you use iron in the right way hair don’t stick in curling iron.

There are a few such type of irons in the world market. Our Elstile iron looks like some other but still have its own features and particular qualities.

As a stylist with more than 10 years of experience that work with brides every day and do hairstyling classes as well for other stylists we know almost everything about hair styling, what we want from the tolls that we work with, what features do they need to provide for more beautiful, long lasting results with less time needed. That is why we finally came to moment when Elstile Magic Curling Iron was born.

Advantages of Magic curling iron


  • When you use regular curling iron you start with ends and when you got closer to roots, ends can be very dry because it stays longer on curling iron. Or you start with the roots and when you get closer to the ends, roots can be damaged more because in this way they stay longer. Anyway some of the hair will be damaged more than when you use Elstile Magic Curling Iron.


  • Regular curling iron has short barrel and it’s almost impossible to spread heat evenly. Other Rotating iron has 16 cm or 6.3 inches that allow to spread heat more evenly. But Magic curling iron has the longest barrel of 17 cm or 6.9 icnhes that helps to spread heat evenly all over the hair no matter are they short or long.


  • It is also very important thing when you work with very long hair. It is hard to curl very long hair wuth regular iron. You need to curl each part of the head for more than 2 steps for one curl. It takes a lot of time at first. And another thing is when we curl hair from the roots when we get work with the ends we can get a weak not glamorous curl as a result. Too much time, not even heat. With our very long working surface you can curl very fast and even any length of the hair.


  • When we curl hair with the regular iron at first we wrap (reel up) all the hair around the iron, then we wait for 10 seconds to heat all surface of the hair and finally we unwrap (reel off) all the hair from the iron. And when we do like that we do curl more weak. So it is not perfect resul especcialy for hair types and structures that do not hold curl for a long time. They become too weak, too loose and it is harder to create any hairstyle for that reason. They fall down fast. Bur when you use Elstile Magic Curling Rotating Iron you do not need to do all these steps. You just wrap all the hair and when you did it on all hair length you can very fast take off the hair. You do not need to unwrap your curl. And all the volume stays with the curl you just have created.


  • Magic iron has 220 V full barrel heat and temperature control. We have a special mechanism inside the iron that convert amperage into 12 V. And our iron gets warm not from 220 V but from 12 V. It is electricity savings and it is also very important for stylist and for salon where a lot of stylists work. Regular iron has spirals as heating element. Elstile Magic Rotating Curling Iron has bimetallic plates with ceramic layers. That is why our Iron heats up very fast, within 3-5 second. It is much more faster than most of regular irons. And also the temperature of the iron keeps automatically. These two features are very important.


  • When we use any hairstyling products such as hairspray or mouss before curling, hair can stick toward the surface of curling iron. But it never happens with Elstile Magic Rotating Curling iron because it’s rotating iron and hair easily slipping off. After you finish working you can wipe off excess of product from Magic iron. And this also important! It is almost impossible to do with regular iron because of its different surface.


  • Of course you can use hair straightener to curl your hair but why would you make your life more difficult? Hair straightener takes much longer time to curl hair and leaves demarcation lines. Using Magic iron you get perfect curl from roots to ends without demarcation lines and with less efforts.


  • When you use hair straightener of regular curling iron you need to hold hair in your fingers when you curl them. And sometimes you can burn your fingers when you are working with ends! With our Elstile Magic Rotating Iron you will not have this problem at all!


  • If you want to do more beautiful, long lasting hairstyles and to create them faster than ever you need Elstile Magic Rotating Iron as soon as possible! It can take some time to get how it works because it works a little bit more different than regulat iron but once you try you will never choose another iron!


How to work with Magic iron:

Work with rotating iron is different from regular iron and it’s much easier. You take a strand, clamp hair and wrap it around the iron with help of rotating element. Heat spreads evenly all over the hair and curls stay longer. It also important to remove access of a product from iron surface.

Can you use Elstile iron for blowout?

You can use Magic iron for every day blow out. Hair look more clean after using Magic iron if compare locks made with regular blow dryer. Especially if you have haircut with many layers.

Of course, you can use hot rollers to get the same result but it will take much longer time. Magic iron gives you the same result and it takes less time. We recommend you to work on 160-180 temperature. Try to avoid max temperature because it can damage hair.

Remember! Time is money! Magic iron saves your time and you can do 2-3 hairstyles instead of 1. Hairstyle may last for a week.

Does it damage your hair?

Even sun damages your hair. That’s why it’s important to use heat protection. When you use regular curling iron, curl stays 20 sec on barrel, but on Magic iron you need to keep curl on barrel only 3-5 sec. Is not a significant damage for hair, because hair don’t get to hot, only warm.

Advantages of Magic iron

  • Stylist can work 3-5 faster
  • Stylist can provide more services
  • Less time needed to create a hairstyle
  • You work faster - you make more money
  • It gives your opportunity to provide better services
  • Curl and smooth hair at the same time
  • Curls are strong and fixed
  • East to work with hairstyling products
  • Easily slipping off curl




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