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  • Elstile Hair Extensions storage bag - clip in hair extensions 20 icnh 160 g, 100% remy human hair, clip in hair extensions 22 inches 220 grams, 3D mink lashes for sale, faux lashes strip and reusable

Elstile Hair Extensions storage bag

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Our beautiful Elstile Hair Extensions storage bag helps you to store your Hair Extensions safely. It is very convenient to store your hair extensions in any place. 

26 x 10 inch.
Zip transparent closure.
<h5>Return or exchange</h5> <p>We will gladly replace Hair Extensions storage bag that may have got beat up during shipping.</p> <p>We are unable to offer any returns or exchanges due to low cost of this product.</p> <p>To be eligible for a return, your product must be unused and in the same condition that you received it and in the original packaging.</p> <p>To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Your damaged product may only be exchanged for the same product you purchased.</p> <p>To return your damaged product (Hair Extensions storage bag) please e-mail us <a href=""></a></p>


Clip in hair extensions are not getting the nutrients from the root of the head, and only on products for hair care.

You need to watch for this and take care of them with the help of nutrients for hair masks, conditioners, hair oils and other cosmetics that help hair stay smooth, silky and well-groomed, even if you use hot styling tools.

How to wash your Elstile clip in hair extensions

Natural Elstile clip in hair extensions requires even more care than your own hair, because they do not get enough nutrients from the root.

1. Thoroughly but gently comb Elstile clip in hair extensions with a comb.

2. Wet Elstile clip in hair extensions with warm water and apply shampoo in the direction from the roots to the tips.

3. Rinse the clip in hair extensions with warm water several times to completely remove the shampoo.

4. Apply a conditioner or balm from roots to ends. Rinse conditioner or balm with warm water.

5. Wrap the Elstile clip in hair extensions in a towel.

6. Dry Elstile clip in hair extensions at room temperature.

7. After drying straighten Elstile clip in hair extensions.

Do not move hair bag too often as the hair inside the Hair Extensions storage bag will move accordingly and entangled.

The optimal solution is to use not only Hair Extensions storage bag but also a Elstile clip in hair extensions's hanger that is easy to hang and keep your hair in a static position on the rack and in the bag.

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