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Hollywood curls: how to learn to do them at home

Posted on 26 October 2016

Hollywood curls: how to learn to do them at home

Actresses, singers, and other it-girls is loved hair styling large waves - the so-called Hollywood curls. Do you want to learn how to do this on their own hair? Then take my advice on its creation.


Hollywood locks different from other methods of laying lush that waves are not placed over the entire length hair, and a line from the ear. This is categorically not suitable for small ringlets or curls spirals. Curls are usually not very long hold on the second day after the gala event your hair will still carry traces of the waves, but barely noticeable.

The length of the curls

Long hairstyles are in harmony with a large soft wave, whereas the average use of smaller diameter and curling irons with a smaller area of the plates.

The only exception: this installation is not suitable for very short hairstyles such as waiter, Sassoon, bean and a page.

Hair Structure

The most convenient way to create stylish curls a la Hollywood to direct the strands of the same length. Owners curly head of hair must be in advance before installing straighten unruly curls hairdryer. Owners of wavy hair, you can not straighten - light wave does not affect the result.

Create Hollywood curls at home


It is necessary to wash your hair, apply Heat protective means, as well as foam or mousse. It is recommended to use a hair gloss. For additional volume can make bouffant.

With curling iron

You will need tools such as:

  • Curling iron (it's best to use a tapered diameter from 19 mm to 25 mm).
  • Heat protective agent.
  • Hairspray.
  • Hair clips or clothespins.
  • A thin comb-comb.


  • Use heat protective agent.
  • When a comb make parting and extend it to the back of the head. Kill the locks broken clothespin at the top of the zone.
  • It is better to start laying from the back. To do this, separate the work area from the strand width of about 1 inch. Kill the rest of the hair clothespin. To properly separate strand, put at the hairline index finger and slide it slightly upward toward the crown.
  • Hold hand while holding the strand in it so that it was parallel to the floor. Make sure that it does not sag, but not too taut. Keep the tip and the free hand fingers comb through a lock.
  • Screw curl from her face. The tip did not leave stranded. Make sure that the coils are not placed one on top of the other, and staggered.
  • Depending on the structure and condition of the hair, while it is in contact with curling surface can vary. Normal healthy hair is usually warmed for about 7 seconds.
  • Be careful when you loose the tension of the strands and gently pull upward curling.
  • Wait for curl to cool down, so do not touch it and do not kill the combing.
  • While processe the whole head, allow the hair to cool down. Then gently comb it with your fingers or a comb with a few teeth. Deal Hollywood curls paint holding the can at a distance of about 12 inches.

hollywood wave

Hollywood curls: how to learn to do them at home

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