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Making big curls with a straightener

Posted on 26 October 2016

Making big curls with a straightener

You may need for Making big curls with a straightener:

  • the hair straightener.
  • hair clips.
  • hairspray.

Technology of Making big curls with a straightener:


  • Use heat protective agent.
  • When a comb make parting and extend it to the back of the head. Kill the locks broken clothespin at the top of the zone.
  • It is better to start laying from the back. To do this, separate the work area from the strand width of about 1 inch. Kill the rest of the hair clothespin. To properly separate strand, put at the hairline index finger and slide it slightly upward toward the crown.
  • Put strand at the roots between the ironing plates. Make sure that the "nose" of the device facing upward perpendicular to the floor.
  • Turn hair straightener around its axis and slide the device to the tip of the strand. The tip has to pass between the plates. Important: Do not twist the curls from the roots - will be enough to start from the eyebrow line.
  • When all the treated hair, let the curls to cool. After this slightly turn head back and comb through the strands with your fingers. At the end sprinkle lightly with the hairspray.

hollywood waves with hair straightener

How to create big curls using rollers

To fit the Hollywood wave curlers with a diameter of 1.5 inches. The more you cheat wide strand, the smaller the diameter of the rollers you need.

  • Divide hair on a few parts.
  • Divide strands of the desired width and wound on the curlers. Curlers must be located in the direction from the forehead back.
  • After the desired time, remove the curlers and let the hair cool. Termorollers (like electricity) create waves for 15-20 minutes, the usual take about 2 hours.
  • Brush hair with your fingers or a comb with a few teeth and sprinkle with hairspray.

 hollywood curls (waves) with rollers

Tips for making big curls with a straightener

When winding tongs, take care that the instrument tip is down, not up. It's not very convenient, but allows you to get the curls from her face. This technique is the hallmark of a professional salon styling.
If Hollywood curls will be in contact with the work surface or ironing curling long enough hair can fall off in a few hours.
When you pull out a hot curling iron curl, does not contract it forward or to the side - only upwards.
When curling using the hair straightener - be careful to lock located at the center of the plate. It should be fixed between them tightly enough, but not clamped.
Make a beautiful hair, hairstyles like actresses in Hollywood is not as difficult as it may seem. Just follow the above tips and rules, believe in their own strength and you will succeed.

Making big curls with a straightener

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