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How to choose the curling hair iron

Posted on 26 October 2016

How to choose the best curling iron for your hair

Requirements for all devices are simple: the hair should retain the color, look shiny and healthy at the same time arranged in a desired hairstyle a long amount of time. These devices not only provide a high temperature, it is your personal stylists. If you select the wrong stylist, then style as a whole will suffer. Learn how to choose their own personal professional - hair curling iron right.

One manufacturer can produce completely different iron with different surfaces, the presence or absence of making perm parts (as a clip, for example). And, of course, the diameter of the working part of curling, which you will create curls.


For those who like to change hairstyle (locks today, but tomorrow smooth hair) there are whole sets with attachments, here and straightening irons and brush for short haircuts. As you can see, is from what to choose. So…

Types of curling irons

  • Cylindrical - a classic of the genre with a round rod
  • Cone - forceps conical shape
  • Double-barreled (double)
  • Triangle - with triangular cross-section
  • Spiral (spiral profile for the wave of hair)

How to choose a curling iron to cover the working part

How to choose the best curling iron for your hair

The working part of curling - is what directly affects your hair. On this depends the quality and styling and hair health. If you want cheaper and do not care about the state of hair, then the metal surface will create your hairstyle, albeit slowly heated. Quality covering - ceramic. Heats up quickly, smoother, protects hair. For basal volume ceramic curling - excellent, though not cheap, choice.

The heating temperature

An important role in the long-term preservation plays temperature. Very high can burn hair but high enough will not save the form. Be aware that the optimal heating of curling, which will save a lock and give it volume and shape. Its temperature is from 210 to 420 degrees.

Economy models have heating stop you at this economy will have to recognize the critical moment. Well, if there is an indicator indicating the working of the heating. Still, it is better to choose a curling iron with the possibility to adjust the temperature. More expensive models have a manual switch or a button that allows to choose the heating to a suitable temperature is your hair. For thick hair will feel well at high temperatures, and the thin or painted will be able to form and maintain health at lower.

Advice when buying a curling iron

How to choose the best curling iron for your hair

When the model you have chosen, you will pay attention to a few simple details. They will make the procedure comfortable styling. These include the presence of a small stand on the curling body (so as not to burn the object, which is placed), a sufficient length of wire (if it is too small, then screwed his hair at the back would be problematic). Be sure to check whether the device is assembled and how firmly attached nozzle (if available, of course).

Nozzles for curling

Choose possible without curling attachments (cheaper, even high-quality model), it is possible with a single attachment (for example, straighteners), with lots of tips curling is very popular among fashionistas. And with their help professionals can create anything on his head.

Curling without attachments is the highest quality. It has no securing mechanism on the body, so there is no chance of its breaking. Because of frequent breaks lock switch, which means that the use of any curling nozzle will no longer be possible. 

Curling and one nozzle (assuming a circular working part for curls and attachment-iron is to smooth strands) is cheaper than with multiple nozzles, but more expensive than those without attachments. 

This option is well suited to young girls. They follow the fashion, visited a lot of diverse places, they can not make hair fluffy, and contrary to the young person is very well suited shiny smooth flowing locks.

Curling with multiple nozzles for quality performance and caring for the hair is the most expensive option. Such an apparatus usually buy professional stylists for their work. For home styling, curling iron with multiple nozzles is required only for those who itself has not yet decided what style she wants and not really think about the state head of hair. 

How to choose the best curling iron for your hair

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