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How to choose the heating element of surface of curling iron?

Posted on 26 October 2016

How to choose the heating element of surface of curling iron?

  • If you want to give preference to Teflon, note that the coating eventually cleared, and that the protective effect ends.
  • The ceramic coating ensures a uniform heating of the surface, but using thermo protective means sliding surface deteriorates.
  • The only drawback of titanium is that it is not very democratic price. Otherwise, the titanium is "solid virtues": there is no so-called hot spots, durable, low friction, non-stick properties.
  • Tourmaline coated hair ionizes. It remove "static" and prevents over-drying. The hair has a healthy glow.
  • Silver coating provides hair antibacterial effect. Approximately you need to know about the materials before going to the store.

What should be the capacity of curling?

Let's say you do not fundamentally, your curling iron heated in a minute or 30 seconds. But, according to experts, the exposure time is a determining factor. Thus, the longer you heat curl, the more money will be needed to repair damaged hair. Using a powerful curling iron (25 - 50W) reduces the "heating" of hair.

Three "little things", taking care of your hair are the temperature, the length of the cord, rack.

  • The thermostat allows you to minimize the temperature in order to achieve maximum effect. Enough:

for thin hair - 150 C;
for thick and hard - from 150 C to 170 C;
for very coarse hair - 170 C to 210 C.

  • The optimal cord length (2-3 meters) and free to rotate curling also reduce the "manufacturing" curl. Once in the store take a curling iron in hand, "try on" - you should be easy to keep it!
  • Stand. After all, when it is, the arm automatically lowers her curling, do not have to look out for a place "landing." Hours curling the hair is limited to provide the desired curl, and not to those "where did it deliver."

Preferences are given depending on what kind of hair ladies there, and what it wants to be. Everything is simple: if the hair is curled, straighten their lady wants and realizes his plan with the help of paddles. For all the rest use curling irons.

More and more fans have tapered curling iron without a clip. With thermo protective gloves you have to fix the curls hands. 

Working with classic round curling iron is determined by the diameter ratio and the type of your hair.

For hair of medium length and thickness used rule of thumb is the bigger the curls should be, the greater the diameter (the barrel size) of the curling irons (13 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm).

But if you have long hair, thick or recalcitrant irons, curling irons should be chosen, whose diameter is smaller than the desired curls.

The desire to experiment easily embodied in a stylish way with the help of spiral styler to create spiral curls.

Incidentally, texturing may be done not only the waves, but hearts, triangles, circles ...

Create curls with right angles can be triangular, but with sharp zigzag nozzles.

Give shape and volume are designed to brush and curling round a large diameter. Actual: while curling at the roots should be kept perpendicular to the head, and brushes are not always suitable for long hair. 

How to choose the heating element of surface of curling iron?

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