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How to dye human hair extensions

Posted on 10 July 2016

How to dye human hair extensions

How to dye human hair extensions

There are times when you need a stylish and elegant hairstyle, with its volume.
Hair extensions in salon is quite expensive, and it is not always an acceptable way. But there is an alternative. It's natural 100% Human Remy clip in hair extensions.
They are giving an opportunity to diversify your appearance. One or more underline style or change beyond recognition. With clip in hair extensions it is easy to experiment. If you pick up the tone, the long flowing, for example, the curls will make short curls in the luxury of the waterfall.
But a different color of clip in hair extensions can be used to create an exotic hairstyles. Against the backdrop of a bright band attract attention and stand out from the crowd. Several wefts evenly spaced on the head, able to surprise effect of highlighting. This will create a festive atmosphere, and at the same time, if the next day is necessary businesslike, you do not have to search for expensive means to impart the desired image.

How to dye human hair extensions?

How to dye human hair extensions
Until recently it was believed that to dye human hair extensions at home is not desirable. The reason is affectation. In most cases, along with natural hair  are used synthetic analogues, when attempting to change color staining. 
For now this problem has been solved. Due to the fact that it would be desirable to change the hair permanently, not to run the day to shop in search of the desired tone. And to go to the hairdresser is not always possible. To this end, we began to use natural clip in hair extensions.
Their pigmentation is the same as that of the "natural own hair". It is easy to change their olor. You can use a permanent product of alcohol-based. The subsequent process is essentially the same as with natural hair dyeing at home.

Primary requirements:

  • Gloves. Their presence is mandatory. They will protect from possible allergies and the skin, and by the presence of ink on your hands. In most cases the coloring preparation is resistant to such things, to be stored for a long time.
  • Accuracy. Without it anywhere. It will change the color of the curl, not themselves and the environment. 
  • Carefully. With the application of paint you should not hurry. Impose an even layer is desirable, not missing a single site that has not turned out "holes". If necessary, it can be repeated several times, but again on the entire length.

When you are ready, proceed directly to the process. To do this, extract the rod, using scissors. Carefully remove the protective film, and now in the hands hold a special sponge for painting. Do not forget to periodically lower it into alcohol.
There is another type of dyeing. It is called "batik". This hand-painted, for which the use of the clamp compositions and reserve capacity. To change the color of hair extensions you need special paint for painting on fabric, and three jars of batik and the same number of liters of water. Mix water and coloring product, we get the right solution, and proceed to dye.
Each curl we carefully drop into the jar, making sure that the dive was complete. After that, for high-quality staining will wait 2-3 days. 

Care for colored clip in hair extensions

how to dye human hair extensions

Multi-colored hair is always a variety and a flight of fancy. But care for colored hair extensions is different from the usual process.
Under the shower with clip in hair extensions is uncomfortable. Therefore it is better to wash clip in hair extensions separate in a jar or bath. Such hair is easily rinsed. You can add shampoo, but then should pay attention to its structure.
The ideal option would be those where there is collagen and keratin. They perfectly nourish and protect hair extensions. Hair experts recommend using balms and masks.
But not the ones that are designed for oily hair. It is better to choose products for dry or damaged hair. Since the extensions do not fade and will not become more stringent. Hold balm preferably not longer than 15 minutes, and then rinse it with warm water.
When using the shampoo it must be applied carefully, holding the hair from top to bottom, as if smoothed. Option usual washing own curls here does not fit. 
For drying, use a horizontal surface. Gently distribute and leave to dry for 5-7 hours or preferably overnight. It will not help speed. Dryer is able to transform the beauty in unsuitable thing.
Do not forget that immediately after washing not comb hair extensions. It should be carefully soaked towel, removing water, and leave. Let dried in the forward state. But after you can use a special comb with wide teeth.
If straight clip in hair extensions are not satisfied you, you can curl them. 

How to dye human hair extensions

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