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Burgundy red hair extensions

Posted on 10 July 2016

Burgundy red hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions #33 RED Burgundy red hair extensions

The red color today is considered beautiful. Girl with bright hair color has always been considered sexy and attracted the attention of men.
Red color is preferred by bold sensual nature, which do not like routine natural shades. In Japan, red is a symbol of love, so girl, looking for a soul mate, crumble in bright shades.

The red color has a huge amount shades, cosmetic stores, they occupy entire showcase. From bright red to deep burgundy.

Women with a light skin color with red hair color look much more attractive and sensual. The girl with dark skin need to choose carefully shade of red. Wrong selected color can make your look unnatural. Thus, you will not achieve the desired brightness effect, but rather the contrary.
Girls with bright appearance is necessary to choose bright red shades such as Burgundy red hair extensions color, because muted tones can merge and become lost. The main thing is that your shade looked juicy and bright, or a hair color can add you a couple of years more.
Dying in red colors is recommended to do in salons, do not do it yourself at home, because the dying has to be expensive and quality. And in addition, to achieve the desired shade is difficult at home. You may need to remover or pre-bleaching. But if you have already decided to dye your hair at home, be sure to consult with a specialist.
Shampoo for the colored hair is better to buy in professional stores. For example, various oils, wash the paint.

Burgundy red hair extensions
In our online shop we have Clip in hair extensions #33 RED - just take a look to learn more!

Clip in hair extensions #33 RED

EL Hair Extensions blend with your own hair so you will look very natural but with more glamorous - with fuller and bigger hair!


- 1 : 8” weft 4 clips
- 1 : 7” weft 4 clips
- 2 : 6”wefts 3 clips
- 2 : 4” wefts 2 clips
- 4 : 1.5” wefts 1 clip  


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