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How to put hair extensions in short hair

Posted on 09 July 2016

How to put hair extensions in short hair

You often ask me How to put hair extensions in short hair and how I manage to so seamlessly attach clip in hair extensions to my natural hair and today I will share with you all my secrets.
The main advantage of clip in hair hair extensions as compared to graft hair is that we have the ability to remove them at night and wash separately. So they do not rub and do not spoil our own hair!

And as for the design, the set of 10 wefts looks much more natural than false hair made up of only one of the very thick strands. The more strands, the more comfortable is wearing them.

How to put hair extensions in short hair

How to fix clip in hair extensions and How to put hair extensions in short hair?

Depending on whether you have thin or thick hair, it is necessary to fix the overhead wefts differently.
Owners of fine hair, I advise you to fix all strands joint to joint, leaving no holes and empty space between them. So you will have enough of your own hair to cover overhead. Proper hair directly above the overhead locks can be to comb and fix the varnish to have a 100% guarantee that the hair extensions will not be viewed.
Owners of thick hair is best to pin the strands, leaving a small distance (about 2 finger) between them. So, the top strand was as high as possible. We need to keep as much of your own hair on the top and no longer as necessary to ensure that the overhead curls are not visible. Then the transition between their hair and patch will be less noticeable.
To mix your own tips of the hair strands with the ends of clip in hair extensions, usually just enough to handle with straightener the place where your own hair ends. Or curl your hair with hot tools such as iron.

What haircut is best to blend in with the clip in hair extensions?

If your tips cut bluntly, they will stand out against the background of hairpieces. Therefore, overhead strands merge best with messy ends of the hair.
If you have no desire to change their own hair, in this case, you can go to salon to do custom cut.  Good hair stylist can create a form most suitable for your haircut.

What should be the length of your own hair?

For best results, your own hair should be at least up to the chin.
If you have short hair, it is best to cut overhead strands so that they blend harmoniously with your haircut. The shortest strand of your hair you can always pin on the side, so that they did not give you, standing out against the background of the longer strands. Or you can put a hoop or a bandage directing the shortest strands from his face.
Medium Hair overhead strands give extra length, while a girl with long hair is already can use them to create additional volume and instant highlighting without coloring your own hair.

Can I curl and straighten clip in hair extensions?

Natural hair can be blowed and designed as well as your own. Of course, they will last longer if you curl them without heat.
If you're curled clip in hair extensions and now they want to straighten them, you can simply sprinkle with water and gently comb. So you do not have to use the hair iron! :)

How to care for clip in hair extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are not contaminated as quickly as their own, so they have to be washed after only 15-20 applications using shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. 

How to choose the color of clip in hair extensions?

Clip in hair extensions should match the color of your tips.
If you do not know what color to choose, you can send your picture

Is it possible to dye clip in hair extensions?

Clip in hair extensions can always be dyed in a darker color, but: Brightens and discolor them is not recommended! Therefore, if you plan to dye them you need to choose a lighter shade strands, than you are going to get as a result of staining.

Thank you for reading this post: How to put hair extensions in short hair.

How to put hair extensions in short hair

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