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How to grow short bang

Posted on 09 July 2016

Ways to grow short bang - How to grow short bang

How to grow short bang
For many, a truly difficult goal is how to grow short bang.
Annoying bangs always spoil your mood: it always sticks out, it does not become trendy and beautiful, it is difficult to lay. You've decided that it's time to change the style and bangs grow. All the secrets of how to grow short bang you will learn from this article.

Where to begin?

At the beginning of growing a bang you need to do cut. Yes exactly. It is necessary to cut the split ends. This is because the dead hair ends strongly inhibit their growth. Trimmed hair should be profiled to even bang and the main mass of hair. Then buy new accessories for hairstyles. Pins, armbands, headbands will help you to creatively approach to the process of growing bangs.

helpful tips


  • Cosmetic and styling hair products. Get the one that suits you and does not take up much space in your purse. It is best suited for hair gel, wax, a small bottle of hair spray. Using these tools, you will always be able to control unruly hair.
  • If I want to make a nice smooth parting in the middle, but the bangs are too short, to temporarily give up this idea. Side parting will help put a bang, making it invisible. Good looks parted diagonally. It reduces the visual bang.
  • Use the various options and bundles of braids to design bang. Draided hairstyles are still relevant. Braid hair bangs with the others. If the hair length allows to make beautiful braid on the hairline.

Several options for hairstyles with growing bangs 

Assimetric. This hairstyle can be done very quickly. Having a smooth parting from the side, comb the hair to one side. Fix a means for stacking. Decorate with your favorite hairpin.
Twisted hairstyle. Bang is divided into two equal parts and are twisted into a bundle. Secured on both sides. If your hair is long enough, you can make the hair on one side. Romantic option is bangs, braided into several bundles.
Hairstyle "Pony tail". Grow bangs can be hidden in the tail. It is necessary to raise the hair and bangs to the top, gently combine with the other, pull into a ponytail. This option hairstyle makes the face younger and fresh.

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