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Human hair extensions london

Posted on 11 July 2016

Human hair extensions london

human hair extensions london

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Why do not all women have acquired in their arsenal of beauty is the "weapon"? The reason for that are terrible myths. Let's look at (and refute!) the most popular ones.

Myth 1: It's bad for your own natural hair

The reasoning is different: some say that injure clip their hair, others that after such experiments with hair, they will fall out.
Of course, this is not so. Metal clips, which are mounted on the hair, are very small. In this way, the pressure and stress of the own hair is much lower. In addition, you can always remove human hair extensions and give the hair a rest.

Myth 2: The human hair extensions look unnatural

This can be said only one who did not see any hairstyle with clip in hair extensions.
Human hair extensions are chosen very carefully so that they, and they blend with your own hair perfectly.
If you have a rare color, or you want to suddenly swept away the color, natural hair also can be dyed. What kind of unnatural then can we talk?
Clip in hair extensions wefts are attached at the roots, clips are securely closed, lying on top. So that no one would guess what your luxury long curls are.

Myth 3: hair barrette impractical. It is better to make tape in hair extensions

Compare absolutely incorrect. Extensions can be made by different techniques. Different girls suited different options. Depending on the condition of hair and way of life, one is more appropriate, for example, capsule extensions, but for another perfect will just clip in hair extensions.

Myth 4: The human hair extensions take a lot of time to put in 

Even when you will strengthen your hair for the first time, you are unlikely to go away more than 10-15 minutes. And when you have some experience, the process will be literally within a few minutes.
Judge for yourself: divide and fix the hair, fix clips, brush your hair. We describe this process longer than it actually is!

Myth 5: Strands barrette necessary only if you are not satisfied with the your hair length

Of course, the rapid transformation in the long-haired beauty is the main goal of hair extensions. But beyond that, they are great when you want to get fuller hair.

Myth 6: The use of these hair extensions limits the choice of hairstyles


As the argument stating that the clip will be visible on the sides, if, for example, make a ponytail or braid.

But it is not necessary to fix the strands over the entire head. Hide them in the depths of hairstyles. So you'll get a great length and volume of the complete "only your" hair effect.

Myth 7: it is hard to care for hair extensions


Of course, these clip in hair extensions require attention. The most important rule care for them is the maximum hydration. After all the hair cut there is no natural food. Therefore, it is desirable to wash them with a special shampoo. Periodically, you can do a hydrating mask for 30 minutes.

Myth 8. Human hair extensions can fall off at the wrong time

How can it be when that clip made of sturdy metal, which can not "burst", as they slip further provided with silicone strips is a mystery for the skeptics.

Myth 9: Hair can be bought, and attach yourself clips to them 

It is theoretically possible, but practically it is difficult. In addition, it is difficult to calculate the load on each clip. If it is large, is, firstly, to injure the hair, and secondly, will cause the clips that are to be delayed and sliding.
As you can see, there is no really good reason for deciding to deny yourself the pleasure to change every day!

Thank you for reading this post: Human hair extensions london.

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