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Swedish hair extensions

Posted on 11 July 2016

Swedish hair extensions

Swedish hair extensions

What are the hair extensions and their main advantages

Clip in hair extensions is a real salvation for women who can not grow their beautiful long hair.

There may be many reasons for this phenomenon, but you should first of all pay attention to how you look, and if you have very thin hair, perhaps, is to give preference to those accessories that were designed specifically to address this problem.

Hair extensions are natural and synthetic, it all depends on your financial situation, because the price difference is obvious. Hair extensions look great, if you know how to use them, but also can ruin your own hair , if you attach them inaccurately.

Today found this product is simple enough, the main thing is to pick up them and choose right color to match your own hair. If you buy hair extensions with natural material, you can dye them, in order to achieve the desired shade. In a few minutes your hair will be long and thick, which make naturally impossible. 

How to choose hair extensions?

  • Select items from trusted manufacturers. This means that you need to navigate the features of the product and choose the hair extensions depending on the manufacturer. Unfortunately, today in the sale there is an incredible number of hair extensions of low quality, because not every manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the product and can give a guarantee. Try to buy hair extensions only from one company, which you know a lot and heard a lot of positive feedback.
  • Carefully choose a hair color. Many women are quite poorly oriented in hair colors, so the choice of human hair extensions can become for them a real challenge. If you do not want to spend extra money, time and effort for additional hair coloring after their purchase, watch some video that help you to find your perfect color.
  • Buy hair extensions, which are needed for a particular purpose. Some women buy hair extensions in order to give the amount of their own, others try to make them longer, therefore, believe that clip in hair extensions can help in this case.
  • Choose complete sets of hair extensions that intended for a particular area of the head. In the store you will see the problem of choice, because human hair extensions wefts are not only of different lengths, but different widths. This is because each weft is designed for a specific area on the head. 

How to attach clip in hair extensions?

Swedish hair extensions

First, you find that everything is very difficult, but thanks to the constant training you will be able to be transformed then within a few minutes.

First you will need to attach the biggest wefts on the occipital part, and then lift with the help of their parting strip and attach the remaining wefts. On the temporal area are very small and narrow hair, which should be carefully hide with yours.

Do not forget that if you do not commit the correct strand, then it is likely that others will notice your little secret.

Pros overhead strands of Swedish hair extensions

For a short time you will be able to make your hair longer and more voluminous.

You can make a hairstyle of which you do not have enough of your own hair.

You can easily remove hair extensions and look as usual.

With careful use of clip in hair extensions you serve for several years, which is very practical and convenient.

Natural human hair clip in hair extensions can be dyed in the desired shade and you can do with them what you like.

Cons overhead strands of Swedish hair extensions

First you will be difficult to use them, because to create the perfect look, you must be trained.

If you want to wear long curls, you will have to experience some discomfort, because they are heavy, and the first time you will be on your head they feel.

With frequent coloring and styling clip in hair extensions can lose its original appearance, but it can happen with your natural hair.

Swedish hair extensions

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