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How to cut clip in hair extensions

Posted on 09 July 2016

How to cut clip in hair extensions

How to cut clip in hair extensions
Clip in hair extensions is a great opportunity to increase the volume, adjust the length and instantly change your look. Clip in hair extensions can be cut by yourself, if they are straight and long.

How to cut clip in hair extensions step by step

Before you cut hair extensions, you need to take enough sharp scissors, better professional and take gums. If you use blunt scissors, the hair ends will split in two.
Brush hair extensions well and tie them in a very smooth and the maximum low ponytail.
Then, in addition to tie the tail rubber bands throughout the length of the hair is not shifted.
The latest gum should be located above the place where they will cut off the tip.
Cut the hair just below the gum.
If it is removed, it will appear that the hair on the sides longer than in the middle.

To align them, you must:

  • divide hair into two parts in the middle and move forward, to separate the bottom layer.
  • keep your head straight, well-combed hair, hold them horizontally between the fingers.
  • to short all ends to the length of the shortest strand.
  • repeat the same procedure on the other side;

Then you can proceed to the alignment of the other layers of the hair, the amount of which will depend on the volume: not too thick enough two, for more volume - 3 or 4.
Brush curls well, you can see hair extensions that you already cut through a long and serve as a control for the new cut-off.
Then hold down the curl between fingers horizontally and cut the ends of all the ends.
Repeat on the other side.
If there is no experience of shortening the hair, it is best not to cut the ends as long as 2 cm or 1 inch. Also, the lower layer of the hair should be done as thin as possible, to be able to correct length.

How to cut clip in hair extensions - another good tip

You can cut clip in hair extensions in another way. Hair should be fixed on the expanded limbo. Brush them well and cut the ends. With appropriate skills you can cut ends.

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